Allowing Prayer to Set Their Schedule

The Moser family, parishioners at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Bethlehem, has been intentional about making the most of this unique time of social distancing.

“I read a great article about using this time of quarantine as almost being cloistered,” said Joey, mother to the family of six. “I loved the thought of our family allowing prayer to create our schedule.”

Each morning, Joey prays the rosary as she relaxes with the children and nurses their baby, Pax. “Praying the Mass as a family daily is one of the most beautiful things.”

Joey and her husband Dan pray the Divine Mercy together during the day, and the family gathers for a rosary in the evening. “We find pictures online of each mystery as we pray the rosary daily,” added Milo, 10.

In addition to joining in prayer, the Mosers have taken advantage of the extended time together to grow closer.

“We are very cognizant that something like this will most likely not happen again in our lifetimes, so let’s make the most of it and create lifelong family memories,” Dan said.

In the Moser household, each day has been given a theme. So far there has been Art Day, Read-A-Thon Day, Science Day, and Bible Day, among others. “We are creating tons of family memories with prayer being the scaffolding of it all,” said Joey.

Staying home has not prevented the Mosers from connecting meaningfully with loved ones. “We choose a different person or family to pray for each day including our priests, widows, nurses, and doctors,” Joey shared. “We then write them notes to encourage them and let them know our prayers for them.”

When asked for advice on how families can make the most of this time, the Mosers had plenty of suggestions. “I’m glad we get to spend time together,” said Aurelia, 4. “Play games and have a baby in the house!” added Blakesley, 7.

“This time together is a gift, grow in faith and holiness instead of fear,” said Joey. “Enjoy the time together, it is sacred,” said Dan. “Put the devices away, especially us parents, and if nothing else, just be together.”

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