‘Praying Together has Helped us Stay Hopeful and on Task’

The Keperling family, parishioners at St. Catharine of Siena, Reading, has been finding creative ways to grow closer, both in faith and as a family, during this period of isolation.

“We realized early on that attitude is everything,” said Heather, mother to the family of eight. “Praying together has helped us stay hopeful and on task.”

To keep the faith alive in their home, the Keperlings joined in the Family Rosary livestream with Bishop Schlert, are participating in online Mass offered by their priests, and are praying evening prayer. The family has helped others in their community to stay connected by supporting social media outreach in their parish.

“I like when we all pray together,” said Parker, 5. “I got to make a saint book,” added Audrey, 8.

Though they have been staying in, the Keperlings have taken time to connect with loved ones. “Each day of the week we pray for a particular family member,” said Heather. The family celebrated a birthday for Lillie, 12, with a virtual gathering of relatives.

While the Keperlings have remained positive, their quarantine has not been without challenge. “We had a day when we lost water to our house,” Heather said. “It was not so much a physical challenge as it was a spiritual opportunity.”

While they at first wondered how much more the Lord might send their way, they quickly turned to reliance on God.

“It was a moment for us to trust evermore, how good and all-knowing God is,” said Heather. “It was also an opportunity to thank the water company for all their efforts during these difficult times.”

The Keperlings have tackled projects together, including painting, yard work, and involving their children in preparing meals. “Having everyone pitch in like this has been a fun, welcome change,” Heather said.

“Less busy has been good,” added Trevor, 14. “Though we may not want to admit it, this time helps us all realize what we can and cannot live without,” said Heather.

For other families hoping to grow in unity during this time, the Keperlings shared some words of encouragement. “Maintaining structure with designated work spaces in the home and developing a routine has been a game-changer,” Heather said. “Take plenty of time to get outside and play. As crazy as it sounds, this time is a gift. Use it wisely.”

Catholic at Home is a series featuring people from around the Diocese navigating faith and unity during the time of social distancing. If you or your family would like to be featured in the series, contact Alexa Smith: asmith@allentowndiocese.org.


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