Berks Catholic College and Career Counseling Sessions Continue Online

The school year has ended, but the college and career counselors of Berks Catholic High School are still going full steam to give students a leg up on college and job interviews.

Josh Ditsky, Director of College and Career Counseling at the school, has scheduled dozens of “visits” with college reps, arranges career seminars with experts in various business fields, and is planning a full slate of programming for students throughout the summer – all online.

Ninety-five percent of Catholic high school students in the Diocese of Allentown go on to college.

“We always try to bring the world into the building so students are confident when it is time to interview for work or college,” Ditsky says. “The goal is to get these kids comfortable interacting with decision makers,” he says, whether they be college officials or job interviewers.

Because of the Coronavirus precautions, all meetings have been virtual instead of in-person. “It’s business as usual,” he says, “just a different delivery system.”

On a recent afternoon, students were invited to tune into a presentation by a toy industry veteran who explained the complexities of conceiving, designing, producing, and marketing a toy.

Students learned that developing a successful toy takes people on many different career paths -- artists and designers and accountants and logistics experts and many more.

“Think of your favorite toys,” he told his students after the presentation. “Now imagine what went into producing it, and think about the many ways you could get involved in something like that.”

Wrapping up the seminar, Ditsky personalized it with a story of his own, also about the toy industry. He was at a party, he said, when a friend told him she had to leave to prepare for a meeting the next day. The meeting, she told him, was about Mr. Potato Head.


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