Bishop Schlert Issues Statement on Supreme Court Abortion Decision

The following is a statement by Bishop Alfred A. Schlert regarding the U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case:

“In light of the Supreme Court decision on Dobbs, we are reminded that since God is the author of all life, all human life must be protected and respected at every stage, especially the most defenseless.

“The past half century has consisted of dark days of human and judicial error that manipulated the Constitution to allow humans to play the role of the Creator and the arbiter of who deserves to live. I commend the justices for their courageous willingness to reexamine the right to terminate a life.

“We see how the abortion issue has coarsened our society and civil discourse. This will continue as the issue returns to the states. Now is a time of renewed prayer and engagement with the legislative process to continue the work reinforced by today's decision.

“To those who have procured an abortion in the past or are contemplating one, our opposition to abortion is not an opposition to you, but rather a call to embrace you. The Diocese of Allentown stands ready to assist you in a spirit of love, mercy, charity, and compassion, through our prayers and the services of Catholic Charities and its partner agencies.”


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