Concerned About the Obligation to Return to Mass? Here is Some Practical Advice

The August 15 date when Catholics will once again be obligated to attend weekly Mass is approaching, while at the same time the Delta Variant of the Coronavirus continues to make headlines.

Some Catholics have expressed concern about coming back to Mass. Here is some practical advice:

Masks – Anyone who wants to should feel free to wear a mask at Mass. A look around the pews at parishes in the Diocese shows that more and more people are deciding to wear masks – just as they do when they are out in other group settings – for peace of mind, and to protect themselves and others.

Clean hands – If you are worried about contact with germs, you may want to consider carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer and using it during Mass.

Consideration for others – If you are ill, or are concerned that you may have been exposed to Coronavirus or another contagious illness, stay home. You are excused from the Mass obligation.

Vaccines – More and more people are becoming vaccinated, and if you have not yet gotten a Coronavirus vaccine, please wear a mask in consideration of others at Mass.

Common sense – If you feel comfortable attending sporting events, going to social gatherings, and doing other activities around other people, you should come to Mass to experience the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

Dispensation – If you have a serious health condition, if you are confined to your home or the hospital or a nursing facility, or if you have serious anxiety about being part of large groups at this time, you are not obligated to attend Mass.


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