Enthusiasm Growing Around Disciple Maker Index Survey and the Future of Our Parishes

On Feb. 14, Ash Wednesday, the Diocese of Allentown embarked on a transformative journey, assessing its needs and evaluating its resources with the launch of the Disciple Maker Index survey overseen by the Catholic Leadership Institute. The goal is to comprehensively evaluate the diocesan landscape and to craft impactful solutions to overcome challenges within parishes and the Diocese.

“This survey begins with each of us, who completes the survey. To truly assess where we are on our journey with Christ, and see where we can grow,” said Deacon Joe Juhasz of Sacred Heart Parish, Bethlehem. “What a wonderful way to begin the holy season of Lent - to see the parish and the Diocese committed to growing as disciples of Christ is a reason to be excited.”

“I'm excited about it and I’m hoping my enthusiasm is being spread!” said Roseanne Bedway, Adult Faith Formation Coordinator at St. Ambrose Parish, Schuylkill Haven.

Bedway and her group of volunteers are using visuals, including posters, business cards, and stickers to promote parishioner participation in the 75-question survey.

“I really stress the importance of the fact that we all need to participate in this if we really want to see our parish be ignited. I think our parish is really wonderful, and Monsignor (Edward Zemanik) does so many wonderful things, but it’s going to be good to see how other people feel about it and this is the time to voice your opinion.”

“I think it’s really important because of the change in times and the change in society,” said Florinda Meli, secretary at Holy Family, Nazareth. “Things are not the way they used to be. So, the way we reach out to people, the way we communicate with people, has changed from what our parish was used to in the past.

“It’s a great opportunity to hear from the younger people because that’s the future of all of our parishes. Those are the people that we need to hear from and reply to because they’re the future of the Church.”

The DMI survey closes on Tuesday, April 2. It’s the first step in the Catholic Leadership Institute’s three-year “Next Generation Parish” process, which “transforms the future of the Church through innovative, dynamic accompaniment that helps dioceses and parishes meet the challenges of our time.”

To access the survey, follow the link https://portal.catholicleaders.org/l/aa3kaa and find your parish. Then, click on the survey link for your individual parish.

Photo above: Members of the Next Generation Vision Team at St. Ambrose, Schuylkill Haven are, from left: Jen Felty, Roseanne Ladue, Dean Gherghel, Brenda Croley, Jesse Kavanaugh, and Mary Ellen Johns. Not pictured are members Therese Ottaviano, Kyle Reppy, Jason Smalley, and Steve Spolski.

Photo below left: A parishioner of Holy Family, Nazareth completes the Disciple Maker Index survey.

Photo below right: DMI Survey Volunteers at Sacred Heart, Bethlehem are, from left, Deacon Joe Juhasz, Jane Magdasy, Emanuel D’Almeida, and Dee Pilzer.


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