Actor and Director Daniel Roebuck Helps Launch Film Program at His Alma Mater, Bethlehem Catholic High School

Daniel Roebuck, a graduate of Bethlehem Catholic High School who has appeared in more than 400 movies and television episodes, is partnering with the school to teach filmmaking there.

Roebuck, along with a staff of professional filmmakers, will teach the art to freshmen and sophomores this year as an extracurricular activity. It could eventually become part of the junior and senior curriculum at Bethlehem Catholic.

“We are very pleased to have such a prestigious program at Bethlehem Catholic”, said Principal Lucas Wilde. “This program will be just one more reason that families are choosing Catholic education in the Diocese of Allentown.”

In addition to his acting and directing activities, Roebuck, 59, a 1981 graduate of Bethlehem Catholic, has turned his attention and experience to making faith-filled, family films through the non-profit company he co-founded, A Channel of Peace (

In the Young Filmmakers Program, Bethlehem Catholic students will learn about creative story telling, the essentials of scriptwriting, seeing through the camera lens, the essentials of casting, and film production.

Participation in student film productions could include writing, acting, sound design, camera operation, being part of the crew on films, directing, and editing. Participants could also have an opportunity to work on local A Channel of Peace film productions.


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