Bethlehem Priests Release CD of Sacred, Secular Songs

Continuing their ministry through music, two priests of St. Anne Parish, Bethlehem, have released a compact disc of sacred, secular and folk songs.

Father Anthony Mongiello, pastor, and Father Giuseppe Esposito, assistant pastor, are teamed up once again for an album entitled “No Thread.” All proceeds from sales of the CD benefit the parish.

Readers of AD Today may remember Fathers Mongiello and Esposito for their zany series of musical YouTube videos designed to keep kids at the parish school engaged during the Coronavirus shutdown this past spring.

This CD is a more musically serious effort, although their sense of humor still shows through. The title refers to the fact that there is “no thread” of connection between any of the individual songs, and promotional materials suggest that the CD might also make a good drink coaster.

“We are priests who love music,” said Father Mongiello, who has released a couple of solo recordings in the past.

“Music is one of the things I truly love, and it gives me a good, virtuous outlet,” said Father Esposito. “We truly can spread the Gospel through music.”

CDs are $15 and are available at the parish, or by mail on the parish website.


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