Catholic Conference Applauds Passage of Telemedicine Bill

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference today applauded the PA Senate passage of Senate Bill 857--Telemedicine-- in a form that retains current protections against dangerous drugs identified by the FDA, including a drug used for abortions.

"Telemedicine promises to be a life-saving measure across Pennsylvania," said the Executive Director of the PCC, Eric Failing. "There is no doubt about that. We thank the senators who voted to keep Telemedicine as a completely life-saving bill."

"This was, without a doubt, the premier pro-life vote of the entire session," Failing continued. “It is sad that some chose to politicize the issue by arguing that only some lives are worth saving and those of the unborn are not.”

Failing pointed out that a third of all abortions being done now are done so chemically. "If our pro-life prohibitions would be stripped out of the Telemedicine bill, the number of abortions in Pennsylvania would increase dramatically. Using Telemedicine for abortions is a stated goal for Planned Parenthood because they can do more chemical abortions, with fewer doctors and less overhead costs."

Failing called on Governor Wolf to sign the bill.

"The Governor tells us every day how much he cares about human lives," Failing said. "Now is the time to set aside politics and sign a bill into law that will save lives.”

The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference is based in Harrisburg and is the public affairs arm of Pennsylvania’s Catholic bishops.


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