Couples Enjoy Evening of Fellowship as Part of Designed With Purpose 2.0

Couples gathered at Hops At The Paddock in Allentown for a night of community and support. The July 27 event was hosted by the Diocese’s Natural Family Planning taskforce in participation with National Natural Family Planning (NFP) Week.

The evening featured speaker Mark Napierkowski, who shared his story with Natural Family Planning in his own marriage.

“Our marriages need to be a beacon of light in a cynical world,” Mark said. His powerful testimony set the tone for the evening, allowing attendees to open up and share their own experiences with NFP.

The night was remarkably intimate and vulnerable as couples expressed their joys and sufferings. The room was full of compassion as tears were shed and crosses were shared. They joined in laughter as couples related to each other’s stories, realizing that they weren’t alone in their fight for virtuous Catholic marriages.

“I was surprised by how easy the conversation was about such a personal topic. It really showed the need for community for couples practicing NFP,” said attendee Mike Chovanes.

Karina Severino, another attendee, shared, “It’s a blessing to connect with other couples that are also on the same journey and truly understand the gift of life. We hope to be a part of many more events like this one!”

The overwhelming sentiment by the end of the evening was the desire to continue building this community of support.

The NFP Taskforce is excited to fulfill this need in the Diocese and will be providing more events soon.

Interested in joining this growing community of couples? Whether you’re dating, engaged, or married, you are encouraged to get involved. Contact Kristin Osenbach to sign up for information on upcoming event at:


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