Dueling Pastas? It's Just One Taste of the Fun as 'Cooks With Collars' is Off to a Sizzling Start

Cooks With Collars got off to a sizzling start during its first week, raising money for parishes and Catholic Charities as people share in the tasty fun and vote for their favorite cooking videos.

Watching our priests cook their favorite dishes turns out to be great fun, and provides a mouth-watering experience for the entire family.

There are videos from 28 parishes, featuring 34 priests, along with seminarians, sisters, and pot-wielding parishioners. If you haven’t had your taste yet, here’s a sampling of what’s in store on www.CooksWithCollars.com :

  • At St. Patrick in Pottsville, Monsignor Edward O’Connor and Father Barnabas Shayo lift the lid on the “secret sauce” for the parish’s famous spaghetti suppers.
  • At St. Anthony of Padua in Easton, there’s a pasta duel: Father Stanley Moczydlowski makes his beloved pierogies as parishioner Angela Triscani dishes up her cheese ravioli.
  • At St. John Baptist de la Salle in Shillington, there’s lesson on making homemade Caesar salad dressing and a tall tale about how the recipe was invented “just before the Last Supper.” If you believe that one, Father Richard Clement says he has a bridge he wants to sell you.

Cooks With Collars is a friendly competition among priests and parishes, and you can vote for your favorites by using the website to make a financial contribution to the parishes with the best videos. All money from voting goes directly to the parishes, and dollars from sponsors of Cooks With Collars go to the food ministries of Catholic Charities.

So when you are finished watching, and voting by making your contributions, why not tell a friend? And then go back for another helping.


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