Faith is Taught, Experienced, and Lived Daily in Diocese Schools, Superintendent says in Catholic Schools Week Message

Catholic Schools Week begins Sunday, Jan. 29. In advance of this annual celebration of all that is good about attending Catholic school, Dr. Philip J. Fromuth, Superintendent of Catholic Education, provides the following message to the Diocese’s Catholic school teachers, students, and parents:

"Dear Diocesan Educational Community,

Next week we will begin the 49th annual observance of Catholic Schools Week. We look forward to a memorable week to recognize the rich traditions of our past, to celebrate the accomplishments of the present, and to look ahead to a glorious future for our schools. The Diocese of Allentown will join over 1.6 million students and 146,000 teachers serving in almost 6,000 Catholic schools across the country in celebrating Catholic Schools Week.

This year’s theme, “Catholic Schools: Faith, Excellence, Service,” highlights the many opportunities available to students in the schools across the Diocese of Allentown. These three words, Faith, Excellence, Service describe the foundation of a Catholic Education and the influence it can have on the lives of our students. The theme also focuses on the essential components of Catholic education: faith development, academic excellence, dedication to the service to others, and the opportunities to grow both as a learner and as a person of faith. These elements set Catholic schools apart from other educational options.

We have so much to be proud of in the 36 schools in the Diocese of Allentown that serve almost 9,000 students and are staffed by 700 full and part-time dedicated educators. Our schools offer a quality academic curriculum, commendable standardized test scores that have demonstrated continuous student learning and growth throughout the pandemic, high college matriculation rates, service opportunities, safe and family environments, and a variety of programs that enhance the student experience. Most importantly, we teach authentic Catholic doctrine and values that provide for the development of our students, not only as scholars, but as people of faith. This atmosphere forms centers of academic excellence where our Faith is taught, experienced, and lived on a daily basis.

On behalf of the staff of the Secretariat of Evangelization, Education and Formation, I join you in celebrating all that is good in Catholic education and thank you, along with our educators, priests, parents and students, for your ongoing commitment to Catholic education. We are so blessed by the dedicated service to the Church of so many that allows for the faith formation and academic growth of our students. Their service is a gift to the Church, and we are so grateful to all involved in the ministry of Catholic education in the Diocese of Allentown.

Again, Happy Catholic Schools Week and my sincere gratitude to all who provide for and support the Catholic education of the youth of our Diocese!


Dr. Philip J. Fromuth

Superintendent of Catholic Education"

In the photo above, students at Holy Family School, Nazareth, prepare for Catholic Schools Week


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