Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning Task Force Formed

National Family Planning Awareness Week is July 24-30, 2022.

The Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning Task Force, formed by the Diocese of Allentown, is focused on spreading fertility and Natural Family Planning awareness, compiling and sharing resources with individuals and families, promoting fertility awareness within local parishes and schools through education and events, and developing local communities of support so that individuals and families can understand and live out the beauty and truth of the Church’s teachings on human sexuality.

While Natural Family Planning is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of methods designed to assist couples in achieving or avoiding pregnancy, it is only one component of fertility awareness.

Fertility awareness empowers all women with the means of monitoring and maintaining their health and fertility. The events the Task Force plans to organize will range from those held for school-aged girls, to those for engaged couples, and also will include gatherings for those who are married and experiencing infertility.

The Task Force is made up of people from around the Diocese who are passionate about promoting fertility awareness and the mission of the Church as they live out their own vocations as wives, mothers, husbands, and fathers.

Task force members are Kathleen Chovanes, Arielle Kaminski, Sarah DeArment, Andrew Rall, and Kristin Osenbach, Diocesan Liaison and Director of Evangelization and Formation for the Diocese of Allentown (kosenbach@allentowndiocese.org).


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