Holy Family Manor, Well-prepared for COVID, Manages Its First Cases

Two residents of Holy Family Manor in Bethlehem, roommates who recently arrived for short term rehabilitation, have tested positive for COVID-19 and were immediately placed in isolation.

Holy Family Manor has been aggressively preparing for possible cases, knowing that the disease has been affecting people in many nursing facilities across the country.

Holy Family Manor recently set up the isolation wing as a precaution, for use in the event Covid-19 cases were detected. The entire complex has stringent infection-control protocols, and has been closed to visitors, for more than a month.

No other residents or staff have tested positive for this disease.

“We took swift action to prepare the isolation unit and readied our team to assess all residents for symptoms of COVID-19,” said Joseph Shadid, chief executive officer of Holy Family Manor.

In a letter to residents’ families informing them of the positive tests, Shadid wrote, “We have been hard at work taking care of your loved ones and preparing for any cases. The health and safety of our residents is our top priority.”

The isolation unit is separated from the rest of the facility. It has a separate entrance, and is behind two infection control barriers. It does not share personnel or equipment with any other units at Holy Family Manor.

Holy Family Manor’s infection control procedures are extremely thorough. Each time a staff person comes to work, their temperature is taken and they are screened. Anyone with symptoms of the disease is sent home.

Residents are rigorously monitored daily for symptoms, including having their temperatures taken. A universal-mask policy for all staff is in effect.

Holy Family Manor has a comprehensive infection control plan that follows guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Shadid said the infection control procedures and the isolation unit will remain in place “as long as needed to ensure the safety of all of the residents of Holy Family Manor” and the nearby Grace Mansion Personal Care facility.


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