Kolbe Academy to Move to Former Sacred Heart School, Bath

Kolbe Academy, the diocesan recovery high school and the nation’s first Catholic recovery school, will move this summer to the former Sacred Heart School in Bath.

The announcement was made this past weekend by John Petruzzelli, Principal of Kolbe Academy, and Father Christopher Butera, Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Bath.

“I am so happy and excited for both Sacred Heart and Kolbe Academy that our two paths can converge in this way,” said Father Butera. “I know we will be mutually supportive and uplifting to each other.

“The mission of Kolbe Academy is one that I not only strongly believe in and our parish welcomes, but I believe also conforms in a very beautiful way with Our Lord’s Sacred Heart that always provides hope, comfort, and healing for those who trust in Him,” Father Butera said. “I think it was meant to be. Our entire parish looks forward to welcoming Kolbe Academy.”

Kolbe Academy has been searching for a new location for the past few months, Petruzzelli said. The process was thorough with multiple site visits to several different locations throughout the Lehigh Valley, he said.

“The relocation committee wanted to make sure we did our due diligence to secure a location that would meet our needs and share in our ministry,” Petruzzelli said. “We believe Sacred Heart in Bath will do just that.”

Over the next few months, the process of cleaning, painting, and moving in will take place. The process will begin immediately with planning for the new building as well as a slow, continuous move into the school building.

In the next few weeks, Kolbe students will tour the school. Father Butera has invited Kolbe to hold its June Graduation in Sacred Heart Church, to be followed by a small reception and tour of the school.

A community Open House (date to be announced) will be scheduled for some time in the summer. Plans have already been made for representatives of Kolbe Academy to be present at the Sacred Heart Parish annual summer picnic in July.


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