New "Classical Catholic Academy" Plans Startup in Bally

St. Francis Classical Catholic Academy, being organized on the campus of Most Blessed Sacrament Parish in Bally, will have an open house for prospective students, parents, and teachers from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Feb. 17.

The school will be recognized by Bishop Alfred Schlert and the Diocese of Allentown, but will be administratively separate from the diocesan school system.

The school will be dedicated to teaching kindergarteners through eighth graders “the fundamentals of the faith, the essentials of a liberal arts and sciences education, and the founding principles of our country,” said Dr. Richard Brake, headmaster.

“Exciting plans are now underway to resurrect our Catholic elementary school for a brand-new launch this coming August 2023,” notes the Parish website. The school will feature “an innovative Classical Catholic Curriculum, amazing teachers, and as many grades from pre-K through 8 that community demand will support,” the website says.

Father Richard James, Most Blessed Sacrament Parish Pastor, said, “We live in times of epochal change and constant cultural shifts. In such times, the Church is called to assist parents in teaching their children the perennial truths of faith and reason that do not change.

“Knowledge of what is true, good, and beautiful guides our students on a path that leads to a happy and virtuous life, and one ultimately in Communion with God,” Father James said.

“Since 1743, there has been a Catholic School in Bally,” Brake said. “With that amazing historical legacy, it only makes sense that we continue that commitment to excellence by re-founding our school upon the traditions of the Catholic liberal arts.”

He said the Academy will have “a curriculum rooted in the great books of western civilization, the founding principles of the American republic, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.”

For more information, visit the parish website,, email Brake at, or call 610-845-7364. The school is at 668 Pine St., Bally.


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