Thanks to Donors, Substantial Aid to Those in Need During Pandemic

The pandemic has created hardship for many, and the people of the Diocese of Allentown have selflessly stepped forward to help those in need in our communities.

The Diocese and its parishes and ministries have provided more than $9.3 million in community aid, thanks to the generosity of donors.

A total of 58,000 people received food when they were hungry, help with paying for necessities they could not afford, and assistance with housing, medical care, and Catholic school tuition since January 1.

“The Catholic Church has always been a critical part of the social safety net for our communities,” said Bishop Alfred Schlert, “and the need has grown this year because of the devastating impact of the Coronavirus.

“I am extremely thankful to the faithful, who are truly walking in Christ’s footsteps as they donate their time, talents and treasure so that we can make this compassionate care available to anyone in our five counties, whether or not they are Catholic,” he said.

Bishop Schlert wrote an email about this topic to everyone who has provided an email address to the Diocese. Read that letter here. If you would like to receive future emails, use the “Subscribe” box on the home page of AD Today to provide your information.

Here is an overview of the way the people of the Diocese of Allentown have helped those in need:


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