Trexler Trust Awards Funds to Diocesan Organizations

The visionary gift from General Harry C. Trexler established the trust that bears his name, helping the people of Lehigh County for nearly 90 years.

This year, the trust has provided $160,000 to organizations affiliated with the Diocese of Allentown.

Allentown Central Catholic High School was awarded $45,000 to fund scholarships for incoming minority and low-income students enrolled in the Allentown School District.

Catholic Charities received $60,000 to pay operating expenses for community support services.

Mercy School for Special Learning was awarded $55,000 to support students from Lehigh County.

“We thank the trustees and are proud to be among those in our community entrusted with grants to help make Lehigh County a better place to live.” Bishop Alfred Schlert said.


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