Help Your Parish to Be the Best It Can Be

Are you ready to make your parish a renewed place of worship, prayer, holiness, and welcome? Do you want to assist this Diocese in becoming a greater place of evangelization where missionary disciples are formed and sent out? Are you searching for a way to make an impact in your Church, but just not sure where to start?

Our Diocese is embarking on an important journey over the next three years – Next Generation Diocese – sponsored by the generosity of the Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI).

Beginning this Lent, every parish will be invited to participate in a survey called The Disciple Maker Index – or DMI for short.

The survey went live today, Ash Wednesday, Feb. 14.

To access the survey, follow the link https://portal.catholicleaders... and find your parish. Then, click on the survey link for your individual parish.

The survey will take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete and will ask you about your personal experience of parish life.

“Oh no,” you’re thinking, “another survey? Why bother? Will anyone actually read it? Is this going to fall on deaf ears? Will it make any real impact?“

The trained professionals at CLI will synthesize the data closely and coach parishes and pastors. The DMI will be one important resource that will be part of a years-long process in the Diocese to assist parishes to be the best places of worship, welcome, and evangelization they can be.

“This is an exciting time in our Diocese,” said Maggie Riggins, Executive Director of Evangelization and Formation for the Diocese, “and I hope that you will take the time this Lent, a season of renewal and transformation, to be part of this renewing and transformative process for our local Church.

“Please be sure to keep an eye out for your invitation to participate in the DMI. And I pray that God will bless you and your parishes in this upcoming Lenten season.”


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